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Q Mobile

You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good !

An SMS Queue Management Satisfaction
system for Students, Patients and Customers.



A queue management system powered by the ubiquitous cell phone. Manage multiple virtual waiting lines at the same time, interact with customers through text notifications or digital displays.

Patients, Students and Customers are FREE from standing in lines. They can roam freely without the anxiety of losing thier place in line..

Colleges & Universities

A recent study showed students prefer text messaging as their preferred form of digital communication.

Customer centered student service should be a positive experience not waiting in line. How much do you value your student's time?

Student Q is a higher education queue management application that combines LCD displays and SMS mobile phone technology to increase student satisfactions.

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Health Care

Patient satisfaction is now a core measure of a health care provider's performance so why not start at the waiting room.

Patient Q takes the anxietly out of waiting while improving patient satisfaction. Furthermore it reduces the patient's exposure to contigions. Excellent for pharmacies, clinics, practices and hospitals.

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Increase Sales

There is nothing more frustrating than waitng in long lines. 24% of customers will abandon thier purchase if the line is too long. On the other hand, customers who are free to shop while waiting spend on average $1.00 per minute. 200 customers per day x $1 per minute over the course of a year can add up.

Queue Mobile is ideal for retailers, DMVs, banks and entertainment complexes.

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